Hello again!

I do not do alot of work with Trulia but they email me weekly! Today, they caught my attention!!

I have no idea what it has been these last two weeks but the Real Estate Market has become very exciting! Especially if you are a seller! I do not know if this is a “Seller’s Market” because since 2007, I have never been in one.

So Trulia has nailed it with this BLOG! Plain and simple…

6 Mistakes Buyers Make In A Seller’s Market…

1. Not making your best offer
2. Waiting too long to put in an offer
3. Not working with a seasoned agent…

Going to stop at those 3! ESPECIALLY #3! VERY VERY VERY important that your agent is working for YOUR best interest and giving you the BEST POSSIBLE ADVICE FOR YOU and YOUR CURRENT SITUATION! I would recommend and EXPERIENCED Agent instead of “Seasoned” one!

I love asking my clients questions. It makes it easier for us to proceed into negotiations (my favorite part!) when I KNOW what their GOAL is because we have COMMUNICATED clearly what we want the END result to be!

BUYERS: Pay close attention to your home buying process… It needs to be a Memorable Experience and a Positive one!

I still believe that MY clients are working with the Best!

God Bless and Goodnight!