Well, we all survived 2016… barely!

Crazy roller coaster of a year! Huge milestones happened for The Cornejo’s but 2017 is here and there’s no time to slow down!

So all of 2016 I was focused on creating my own business. A real estate sales and marketing workshop. It survived. It worked. It was HARD WORK! Everyday there is something to work on. Whether its sweeping the front entrance, replacing toilet paper roll, pay the 15 bills that are due, or the glorious amounts of PAPERWORK to be checked and filed, etc. It is my creation so I must give it everything I have, daily!

Top 3 recommendations to anyone from this experience:

1. FIND A MENTOR! They don’t have to be in your industry. They can be bankers, doctors, Veterans, in-laws, social media gurus, anyone who has done or is doing more than you already have/are. REAL people will give you real advice. My mentors are located in Jefferson City, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Florida. They will help you FIND a solution, NOT give it to you!
Hint: Don’t waste their time! lol

“Take care of your employees so they can take care of the clients!”
Advice from my Veteran mentor! Sounds simple right… Is your boss taking care of you so you can take care of your clients?

2. SAVE MONEY! Businesses are EXPENSIVE. Yes, Dave Ramsey was correct. Have 3 months of Personal and Business Income saved in the bank. Living this way has changed my mindset of money. I have been a spender my whole life, not anymore. There is a difference from SAVING and NOT SPENDING! You can have fun, spend a little, spend a lot, but you better be working your ass off to keep those 3 months income in the bank!

“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.” -Warren Buffet

3. CONTINUED EDUCATION! Everyday, yes everyday try and get better at SOMETHING/ANYTHING! Books have a lot of answers, YouTube has almost EVERY answer! lol Podcasts were my best friend in 2016. James Altucher, Real Estate Success Rocks, The Tim Ferriss Show, Dave Ramsey are the ones I spent HOURS on last year. Any that you recommend?

“You are the ONLY coach of your future self.” -James Altucher

2016 NUMBERs

2016 Sales were just short of $6 Million (My goal for my first year was $4 Million).

Downtown Realty ranked #13 out of 50 offices in total sales.

I made the Top 10% of agents in home sales from our Board that includes over 200 agents.

Kayla Hoey WILL be in the TOP 30 agents in 2017 (3rd year in Real Estate).

Its a start. Now we start all over again.

Best of luck to you this 2017.

Gerardo Cornejo